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Vanya Pieters is als beeldredacteur altijd op visuele zoektocht naar bijzonder beeld. Voor See All This duikt ze de schatkamer van Nederland in om geschikt beeld voor het magazine te verzamelen. Ook werkte ze voor fotoblad GUP en als commisioned editor voor het Unseen Magazine, maakt ze tentoonstellingen en schrijft ze voor verschillende kunstblogs.

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Tom Callemin’s Spell

At the moment, Flemish photographer Tom Callemin's work is shown in gallery tegenboschvanvreden - written in lowercase letters. Remarkable work, because he manages to reach a place that many others would fail to find. The in-between moment. Right there, before something is about to happen. A stillness that evokes the uncanny. The image of that big man - father - and that girl, with his large hands in front of the eyes of the both of them. It makes me wonder. Would there be something horrific that they'd rather not look at or are they trying not to be recognized in the image? Callemin makes me realize that human beings are vulnerable, especially when they are in the spotlight.

Iconographia Zoologica

On behalf of See All This I dived into the Artis library to be caught of guard by miscellaneous antique images of the animal world: the Iconographia Zoologica. Flying fish, birds, all kinds of monkeys imaginable. Back then, all that was drawn and archived. The library emerged after the foundation of the Zoological Association Natura Artis Magistra in Amsterdam in 1838, for the promotion of our knowledge of natural history. Some images can be ordered in high resolution and would not be out of place if they were to be hung over the couch in frames. But the monumental building itself is worth the visit too.

Bowie’s Mime

If you still have the opportunity to go and see the David Bowie exhibition at the Groninger Museum, then make sure not to skip mime-video The Mask in particular. In one of the last rooms on the ground floor, between abundant installations, costumes, artifacts - the latchkey of his first house even - is a small TV. There, we see Bowie as a mime player - one of his many talents - on a minimal set, dressed in white, grime on his face. Surprisingly modest play with deep impact. After having watched breathlessly for minutes I submerged myself again in the rest of the Bowie circus.

11/12/2015 - 10/04/2016