Jop Ubbens is up to his ears in art: he is chairman and ‘chief auctioneer’ at auction house Christie’s Amsterdam, board member of the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation and the IKFU Kamermuziekfestival around Janine Jansen, and he is in the advisory boards of the Frans Hals museum and YiPArt. In one way or the other besides all this, he still finds the time to be an auctioneer on charity auctions for among others the Ronald McDonald House Charities and UNICEF.

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The Residence of a Cult Book

Whoever is not going skiing this winter but is traveling to Rome instead should be hurrying to go and visit Museo Praz in Palazzo Primoli. That is the private residence bordering on cabinet of curiosities of the Italian literator and art historian Mario Praz, who wrote his magnum opus The Romantic Agony in 1933. A cult book with references to the morbid and erotic motives in the art and literature of 19th century Europe. A book that I always revert back to, that I pack for holidays by default, and whose quantity of exposed erudition never ceases to amaze me.

Stuffed animals & Jeff Koons

If you should be in Paris, don't forget to stop by the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. Central Le Marais. This museum with stuffed animals and hunting still lives is brushed up with works about nature, done by contemporary artists such as Jan Fabre, Jeff Koons or Walton Ford. Most interesting are the oil paint sketches by the 18th century hunting painter Alexander-François Desportes (1661-1743) if you ask me, with the artistic portrayal of a Hoopoe in particular.