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He wrote the book 'How To Visit An Art Museum’, is the inventor of the Great Art Show (a show that brings collection pieces from art depots to the theater) and also introduced an app for 'subtitles' at classical concerten. As a cultural entrepreneur Johan Idema is looking within the art world for new ways to engage visitors with beautiful things.

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The Reality of Jan Schoonhoven

Outstanding exhibition in Schiedam of an artist from Delft with international allure. Go and see for yourself and wonder how Schoonhoven discovers and exploits his visual language step by step. No monstrous museum halls, but small and intimate spaces that beautifully divide the exhibition's storyline into chapter-like fragments. There are not too many artists whose journey is more evident and captivating, with an unexpected and impressive epilogue of incredible drawings in the attic of the museum, as the cherry on the cake. Schoonhoven deserves more recognition!