Spring Exhibition Contemporary Realism

| 19/05/2016 - 26/06/2016

Since 1997, the unconditional passion for realism has been the foundation of Galerie Honingen. The gallery presents the Spring exhibition with new work by her artists with among other things still lives, landscapes, magical realism and bronze sculptures.

Craftsmanship and technique come first when the gallery owners assess an artist, but besides the fact that it should be visually attractive, it needs to have an extra. Does an artwork speak to you, does it affect you, or evoke a feeling or an emotion? The latter is elusive and often very personal. There are no rules, just an intuition that can be followed. A nice artwork enhances your life, is tangible, precious and implies timeless joy. Galerie Honingen warmly welcomes you to come and see the Spring exhibition.

Artists: Ekaterina Yastrebova, Eliot Allsop, Frans van Straaten, Grégory Asselbergh, Hermien Buytendijk, Jantina Peperkamp, Lion Arie Feijen, Leon Veerman, Maarten Boffé, Michael Parkes, Michiel Schrijver, Natascha van den Berg, Paul Wieggers, Peter Boekholt, Ruud Verkerk, Suzan Schuttelaar, Suzan Visser, Ton Dubbeldam, Willi Kissmer.

WHEN 19/05/2016 - 26/06/2016
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