Jean Tinguely Machine Spectacle

| 01/10/2016 - 05/03/2017

The Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925-1991) is known for his machine art and explosive performances. Everything had to be different, everything had to move. Precisely 25 years after his death the Stedelijk presents the retrospective Machine Spectacle: the largest-ever Tinguely exhibition in the Netherlands.

In the fifties, Tinguely had a major role in the development of kinetic art. This retrospective shows over a hundred machine sculptures, most of which are in working order, films, photographs, drawings and archive materials.

In a chronological and thematic tour, Tinguely’s artistic development and motives are visualized; from his love of absurd play to his fascination for destruction and ephemerality.

WHEN 01/10/2016 - 05/03/2017
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