Excitement – An exhibition by Rudi Fuchs

| 27/05/2016 - 02/10/2016

In Excitement, former director Rudi Fuchs looks back on a long career with an overview of over 100 works, acquisitions that Fuchs defined the identity of the Dutch state art collection with.

Focal points are the excitement of the discovery and getting to know artworks better. Fuchs engages the visitor in his way of looking, that is about time, patience and precision. He sees artworks as intense residues of the way an artist looks at what he is making – because all aspects of the work are influenced by the decisions that the artist makes in the process.

Fuchs has a similar intensity when he looks at the end result, the material, the technique, the colours, the dimensions, the composition and the tradition that the artist works in. He invites the visitor to find his own pace to look at the similarities, the differences, the abundance of colour, composition, material and ideas.

WHEN 27/05/2016 - 02/10/2016
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Visitors about the Excitement – An exhibition by Rudi Fuchs

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