Cindy Moorman – Position(s)

| 09/04/2016 - 04/06/2016

The solo exhibition Position(s) of artist Cindy Moorman is on view at the Dapiran Art Project Space until June 4. For this exhibition she realized a project that she had her mind on for a long time: a ‘total’ installation in the intimate space of Dapiran where the visitor is not only spectator, but part of the artwork as well.


‘Cindy Moorman visualizes constructions – ranging from sculptural shapes to social rituals. With drawings, performances, paintings, photography and interventions, her oeuvre is both formalistically and socially embedded. Meaning and form are abstracted by Moorman; she controls social rituals, mainly through physicality.’
– Sanneke Huisman

WHEN 09/04/2016 - 04/06/2016
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