Bridget Riley – The Curve Paintings. 1961 – 2014

| 25/06/2016 - 23/10/2016

The British artist Bridget Riley (1931) is known for her colourful canvasses and optical illusions. She is one of the most famous artists of her generation.

Gemeentemuseum The Hague has a special relationship with Riley and presents an overview of her work this Summer, with over fifty paintings and preliminary studies with a focus on ‘the curve’, the wave that is recurrent throughout her career.

Riley inverts the relationship between the visitor and the canvas: an optical game, created by the dynamic compositions, is changed as soon as the visitor moves.

WHEN 25/06/2016 - 23/10/2016
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Visitors about the Bridget Riley – The Curve Paintings. 1961 – 2014

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