Who are these people?

By Redactie See All This | January, 2016

How many people do you recognize in the picture below? Quite often we know what a famous artist looks like, but most of the time we don’t know the museum directors that make the work of those artists public. See All This asked photographer Robin de Puy to portray them in a special way.

The people in this picture are among the most influential of the Dutch art world: they are the directors of art institutions – from Amsterdam to Zwolle – who are connected to See All This as partners. Sixteen museums ánd one of the initiators of this plan: the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History. Robin de Puy captured them in a picture in the style of the legendary photographer Richard Avedon, who made iconic group portraits of families in the seventies – the family of Beat-poet Allen Ginsberg, Andy Warhol’s brothers and sisters from The Factory, American leaders. This ‘art family’ came together in a tribute to Avedon and combines forces to make See All This possible. For the love of art.


Robin de Puy photographed the directors in groups of four during two days: ‘A challenge to photograph them in such a way that everyone retained his or her unicity within the group.’
Watch a short making-of of the picture below:


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