That’s the way to conduct a museum

By Rianne van Dijck | January, 2016

A museum director is similar to a conductor, says Sjarel Ex in Conducting Boijmans, the documentary by Sonia Herman Dolz that will be broadcast by NPO 2 – Thursday night, January 21st. Dolz has been shadowing the Boijmans’ director for a year. 

A museum director should know how to play many roles; not only do you have to communicate with stubborn artists and elderly collectors, but you must also deal with contributors, Friends Of, fellow directors and not in the least place your own staff.

Art Expert and Diplomat

Dolz shadowed Sjarel Ex for the duration of one year; while putting up an exhibition, on his way to New York where he was offered a rare Magritte, at openings and in meetings with colleagues. Ex turns out to be a very socially adept director with a remarkable capacity to alternate between the roles of art expert, diplomat, negotiator, public speaker and manager.

Conducting Boijmans filmposter

Apart from portraying Ex, the documentary shines light on the history of Boijmans Van Beuningen, one of the sixteen museums participating to See All This.

Broadcast:    Conducting Boijmans, Thursday, January 21st, 10.55 pm on NPO 2

The film premiered in 2015 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


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