Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Museum

By Vanya Pieters | February, 2016

The day of love should undoubtedly be spent visiting your favorite museum. With or without your lover. Many museums are offering special Valentine’s deals for the occasion.  

The Dordrechts Museum for example. It will be dedicated to Godefridus Schalcken (1643-1706), the successful painter of portrait and genre who enjoyed international fame, especially with his seductive, at times erotic, candlelit images. But seduction is not really stoked up before the lecture, The Candlelight of Seduction by curator of old art Sander Paarlberg. Afterwards, a three-course dinner will be served, self-evidently candlelit. 5 p.m. | €29,50 for lecture and dinner | Book

♥ February 14thDe Hallen Haarlem lets two people in for the price of one. And while you are in Haarlem: at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., cultural scientist Stefanie van Gemert will prepare two short, free of charge introductory guided tours at the Frans Halsmuseum. She speaks of non-romantic love, love of the ordinary, love of the unknown and love for those who are no longer with us. 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. | Free

Love Is What You Want, is the Museum for Communication’s ode to eternal love. Read about the extraordinary first encounters of couples from all over the world. Do you have an outstanding story of a first encounter yourself? Then add it to the exhibition. Read some of the stories in Dutch. 12 a.m. – 5 p.m. | €4,25

♥ Free activities during SHARE THE LOVE in the Tropenmuseum during 24H East. 10 a.m.  – 5 p.m. | Free

♥ Surprise the love of your life on Valentine’s Day by taking her/him to Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo. In addition, you’ll have the chance of winning a VIP arrangement during the opening of the exhibition Cornelia Schleime – Ich zeig nicht alles on Sunday, April 10 2016, including a Meet en Greet with the artist. How? Take a selfie on February 14, with your Valentine at Museum van Bommel van Dam. 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. | € 8,00 (incl. consumption*)

♥ The Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam offers a love lecture about Caesar and Cleopatra. The museum owns rare prints of signet rings that could have belonged to these lovers. 3 p.m. | Sign up

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