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Pretty Brilliant, an initiative by See All This art magazine, explores the female presence in modern art with renewed vigour and from a fresh perspective, focusing on the creative and celebrating the pioneering work of women in modern art over the last century until now.

Today we are faced with an incredible urgency. There is a need to reconsider the current situation and bring to the fore new challenging local and global issues in, of, and from the feminine perspective. This is the premise of the Pretty Brilliant special edition. Living in a time of a growing awareness which also includes climate change and political populist tendencies, we need to acknowledge the many women philosophers, writers and artists who have paved and continue to pave the way.

Women artists stood out and stood up, each time when crises occurred throughout the twentieth century till today, while different times demanded different resolutions. The message of Pretty Brilliant is clear: although often marginalised and erased from history, they were there, female artists who created art of unbelievable strength, beauty and poignant relevance.

Nicole Ex,
founding editor See All This kunstmagazine

Nicole Ex | Foto: Sanja Marusic
Nicole Ex | Foto: Sanja Marusic

With Pretty Brilliant, See All This creates visibility for women artists. We are currently working on a spectacular special edition (that will be published December 2020), and we need your support for this. So:

Adore a woman & Donate!

Which artist do you think is Pretty Brilliant and should be included in this publication? Let us know by making a donation! All chosen names will be included in a list in the book. So make sure your favourite artist is among them! Take a look below to find out which artists are already selected. Your own name can be included too. How? Soon to be announced.


*It is possible to donate from April and onwards*


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