No. 20 - Winter 2020/2021

See All This is celebrating its fifth anniversary with this unique, Pretty Brilliant issue! An outrageous edition of no less than 300 pages about 379 female artists from all over the world.
Carving out more space for overlooked artists van only serve to enrich the art world as we know it, providing a holistic, well rounded perspective on what so far has been a rather one-sided show. Because we believe these artists should be known all over the world.
"This landmark edition of See All This is a thrilling celebration. It’s also a critical reminder of the work that remains to be done to elevate women artists’ commentary on the world." - President and Founder of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation and Barbara Lee Political Office, and national leader in advancing women’s equality in American politics and contemporary art.


  • A book, magazine and a paper museum rolled into one
  • exploring the work of 379 Pretty Brilliant women in the arts
  • An exhibition on paper with 7 rooms to get lost in
  • A studio of one's own: iconic portraits of artists in their studio
  • Editorial Nicole Ex
  • Seven essays by Catherine de Zegher
  • A column by Valeria Napoleone about being a 'women only' art collector
  • Poetry by Emily Dickinson
  • English/Dutch edition
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