In 1932, the Afsluitdijk closed off the Zuiderzee and the inland lake was renamed IJsselmeer; the part outside the dike was henceforth part of the Waddenzee. The Zuiderzee Museum focuses on the history, topicality and future of this area. The themes of water, crafts and communities are central. In the Outdoor Museum with historic buildings and the Indoor Museum with thematic exhibitions, this story is made visible. Heritage, visual arts, photography and design play an important role in this.

The indoor museum is the treasure chamber of the Zuiderzee. Changing exhibitions show the Museum’s rich collection in a current context. This gives meaning to the Zuiderzee story today.

The Outdoor Museum features authentic buildings from the former Zuiderzee area, such as a church, a fish smoker, shops and houses from the surrounding fishing villages. Staff and volunteers display historical crafts and daily life from the beginning of the last century.

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Wierdijk 12 - 22
1601 LA

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