Textiles have taken a firm position within the creative industries; they play an increasingly important role in what designers, artists and product developers come up with and make. Applications are multiplying and great strides are being made in the development of the material. The world of textiles is visibly on the move.

The TextielMuseum is about that world. In the heart of what was once an orating wool city, the museum recalls the rich history of the textile industry. The smoking chimneys are a thing of the past, but an early steam engine from the 20th century can still be admired in the engine room. Here, in the 150-year-old Mommers factory, the remnants of an extraordinary past are cherished.

The collection and archives are an important source of our common cultural assets. The museum preserves centuries of accumulated knowledge about crafts, materials, techniques, patterns and recipes. From there, the step
to the present. Not only with inspiring exhibitions and events; actual prototypes, autonomous works and exclusive productions are developed and made here. In the TextielLab, state-of-the-art machines are in operation, designers, architects, artists and students do high-profile research.

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5046 GN

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