National Museum of Antiquities

National Museum of Antiquities


The National Museum of Antiquities brings antiquity and archaeology to life. About ancient civilisations from Egypt, the Classical World, the ancient Near East and the Netherlands in prehistory, Roman times and the Middle Ages. In 2018, the museum celebrated its bicentenary.

At the museum, you can see highlights from those collections throughout the year at the permanent exhibitions. We also organise temporary exhibitions related to the permanent collection. These are usually composed of objects from our own collection and loans from other museums, ranging from specialised Dutch museums or collections to internationally renowned museums.

The Rijksmuseum of Antiquities’ Egyptian collection is among the ten most important Egyptian collections in the world. That collection also includes the biggest masterpiece: the two-thousand-year-old Egyptian temple from the village of Taffeh. The temple is a gift from Egypt to the Dutch people, in gratitude for their support in a UNESCO rescue operation in the 1960s. In the museum’s entrance hall, you can view this impressive monument from all sides.


Photos: Rob Overmeer

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