Museum Belvédère

Museum Belvédère


Museum Belvédère is located on the edge of the historic and wooded Oranjewoud Landscape Park. The sleekly designed museum building was designed by Eerde Schippers of INBO architects and was awarded the BNA architecture prize in 2006.
The museum comprises two large exhibition areas and a centrally located museum café that overlooks Oranjewoud Estate, the former country residence of the Orange-Nassaus.

Museum Belvédère’s special location explains why it focuses mainly on painting that responds to natural conditions such as light, land, air and space. These artistic experiences of nature can be both figurative and abstract in character.

Museum Belvédère aims to be a home for Frisian and Northern Dutch artists and strives to show their work in relation to the work of kindred spirits from home and abroad.

Address | See on Google Maps Museum Belvédère
Oranje Nassaulaan 12
8448 MT
0513 - 644 999

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