Groote Museum

Groote Museum


The Groote Museum is all about you. You discover how you are connected to all other life on earth and experience cohesion between humans, animals, plants and microbes. Using your own body as a mirror, as a visitor you experience that you have much in common with other life. What do a human baby and a crocodile have in common? Perhaps more than you think. The Groote Museum is located in the main building, one of ARTIS’ national monuments, dating from 1855. This was also home to a museum in the past, which closed its doors in 1947. Since then, the halls were no longer open to the public. Now, 75 years later, the Groote Museum is reopening. With a whole new museum concept that makes visitors look at themselves and the world with different eyes.


Address | See on Google Maps Groote Museum
Plantage Middenlaan 41
1018 CZ

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