Marisa Rappard – Traces of Infinity

Centraal Museum | 04/03/2016 - 22/05/2016

Marisa Rappard uses the sheet that she draws on as a visual element too. It’s given spatial dimensions by the alterations she applies, like folding, hanging and placing upright. The result is not a drawing, but a spatial composition of drawings that form a coherent whole together.

Through drawing, Rappard displays the world that is surrounding her: one that is full of information, one that is quick and diverse. Drawing allows for topicality to enter her work, not literally, but through lines and planes that form compositions full of figures and shapes, evoking associations. The past emerges too, in this stream of information: we are being formed by the endless ocean of old stories that come back to us in different forms, time and again.

WHEN 04/03/2016 - 22/05/2016
WHERE | See on Google Maps Agnietenstraat 1
3512 XA Utrecht
+31 (0)30 2362362
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Di - Zo : 11.00 - 17.00

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