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See All This is the art magazine of the Netherlands, with attention for ancient and contemporary art, nature, photography, literature, fashion, food and travel. Stay updated on the latest exhibitions in the most beautiful musea of the Netherlands, and read about the latest work of fantastic artists!


See All This  is issued four times a year.  A yearly subscription normally costs  € 40,-, but for you now it is only € 30,-. Become a subscriber now and receive a magazine full of love for the arts in your mailbox quarterly.

From our first publication:

What others say about see all this

Ralph Keuning

Director Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

“Emphasize the importance of art, particularly now.”
Merel Bem

de Volkskrant

“That’s why now is the time for the brand-new See All This”
Arjen Ribbens

NRC Handelsblad

“Immediately the largest art magazine of the Netherlands”
Nanda van den Berg

Director Huis Marseille

“When united museums will always stand stronger, because they are all so different.”

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