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By Redactie See All This | January, 2016

Is the world in need of a new art magazine? Maybe not. However, thát is precisely what we made – because we are in need of it; of a new way in which to celebrate art. And by the way, this isn’t really an ‘art magazine’, because for me, and I think that this applies to a lot of people, art magazines have something hermetic to them. They enclose you inside a universe of art historians’ theories and curators’ grand plans, or else they press you with your nose against the glass wall of the art world – and peeping is never pretty. 

I started with an exciting adventure a few years ago: the initiation of a new art platform, that consists of a magazine and an online platform. I did so because I wanted to open up the world of art, in about the same way you would open up a treasure chest. To draw out the most exquisite objects and hold them up to the light; maybe try on a remarkable, glitter and bead-filled garment and then being urged to sneeze due to the dust whirling up. Whew, that clears the head.

Art is the beginning of an engaging conversation.

Art isn’t just an object, of course. It’s not only something hung on a wall or mounted on a pedestal. You’ll notice that when you leaf through the first magazine of See All This. Sometimes art is our taste in clothing (as Nina Siegal explains in her piece ‘Fifty Shades of Black’). Sometimes art is social politics (as Hans den Hartog Jager explores in his piece about Theaster Gates). Sometimes art is food (as Andy Warhol shows us with his recipes). If you want to say something more broadly about it, then art is the interaction between someone with the instinct to create and someone with the willingness to respond to that creation. Art is the beginning of an engaging conversation.

That’s what we’d like to be with See All This: a place where this kind of conversation starts. So, come on inside. Discover what we’ve found in the treasury of the Dutch museum collections, join us and all the museums as we want to continue this brilliant quest together – and take part in our conversation about art and life.

— Nicole Ex, founding editor See All This

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